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Gratitude Rock - For Motivation Reminder - Anti Depressant Healing Stones (Precious Gift)

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  • Gratitude Rock will remind you to be grateful of your blessings on daily basis. As the Law of Attraction works you will have more and more positives all around you. BUT WHY DO WE NEED GRATITUDE? Gratitude brings mega positive impact in your personality. Gratitude gives meaning to our past, attracts peace for today, and plans vision for bright tomorrow. In short, life becomes a great blessing for us. 


  • Gratitude Rock is an easy cure of depression and anxiety.  It keeps your spirits high and gives you healing energy. Just keep it with you and it will give your brain reminders to have gratitude. Gratitude automatically recovers from depression and anxiety. Its smooth touch feels great in your hand. Hence this works as anti depressant and gives you relaxation or anxiety relief.  


  • This is a multipurpose motivational rock that fits in pocket easily. It will remind your brain to practice gratitude more frequently. Only then you will truly realize that why these rocks are also called love stone, peace rocks, faith stones, prayer stones, gratitude rock, worry stone, zen stones, encouragement rocks, healing stones, word stone etc.


  • This is a prefect gift for your loved ones. Birthday Gift, Anniversary Gift, Valentine's Day Present, Christmas Special, Holiday Gifts, Mother's Day & Father's Day and many more. Best present for cultivating teamwork, enhancing self-esteem, improving communication, imparting anger management skills and an excellent tool for self-discovery. It is also an ideal gift as a means for mood lifting.


  • SPECIFICATIONS: The size of glass gems is Approx 2", Weights 1 ounce/piece. Really fit in pocket called motivational pocket stones and also perfect sizing to hold in hands called inspirational palm stone or palm rocks. Every piece is unique, size is little different from each other. 


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